A bovine case to ponder (some learner objectives)

You are on a farm palpating cows for pregnancy. You have palpated 12 heifers, 13 first calf heifers, 24 fresh cows and 19 AI pregnancy checks. 8 of the pregnancy checks are pregnant by AI. All the heifers are pregnant by one of two bulls that were put in 3 months apart. 6 of the fresh cows are 100 days open and have not cycled back. The calving interval is 15 months. 3 fresh cows have discharge coming from the vulva. One of the pregnancy checks was a recheck and she apparently aborted. Only 6 of the first calf heifers are pregnant. The farmer would like to stage the pregnancies in the heifers, but he is also interested in something a little cleaner than palpation for pregnancy diagnosis. The farmer wants to get some information from you on how good his (the cows) reproductive performance is. He also has some beef cows that he is thinking about breeding AI. What do you think about the pregnancy rate? What do you think about the abortion? What about the fresh cows...discharge, not cycling....what does this? What would you suggest about AI in the beef cows?

contributed by Bruce E Eilts modified on 14 September   2004

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