Estrous cycle control



                                                      Preventing Estrus


  • Ovaban is megestrol acetate, a synthetic progesterone.
  • As of 2002 this product was no longer available
  • 9/28/04 - Available at: 
    • Cornerstone Pharmacy and Compounding Lab
    • 100 South Main St. 
    • Versailles, KY 40383  
    • 877-581-8828





To prevent estrus

  • To prevent estrus administer 0.25 mg/lb for 32 days. A maximum of 32 days is approved by the manufacturer. To prevent the next cycle start at least 1 week before the next anticipated estrus cycle. The next heat will be in 4-5 months if the Ova-Ban is given shortly before the next heat will occur.
  • If the Ovaban is given during diestrus (for example, the client did not know what stage the bitch was in) the next cycle will be at the regularly anticipated time.


  • The drug is 97 % effective at preventing estrus.
  • There is no apparent effect on fertility

To stop estrus when the bitch is in proestrus.
  • The bitch must be in first 3 days of proestrus to be effective.
  • Administer 1 mg/lb/day for 8 days.
  • The next estrous cycle will be 4-6 weeks earlier than the heat normally would have been.
  • If the bitch should be bred during the first 3 days of treatment, consider mismate management. If the bitch is bred after 3 days of treatment, pregnancy is unlikely to occur.
  • The drug is 92 % effective at preventing the estrus if the bitch is in the first 3 days of proestrus.

  • Depoprovera is long acting injectable progestagen. It has been taken off the veterinary market, but is still available on human market.
  • Administration predisposes to pyometra.

Other Injectable progesterones
  • All injectable progesterone predispose the bitch to cystic endometrial hyperplasia (CEH) and pyometra.
Cheque drops
  • Cheque drops may be available in the US at this time (October 2004).
    • Road Runner Pharmacy  - 877-518-4589
    • Premier Pharmacy
    • Were at Wedgewood pharmacy (not as of August 2004)
      • 373-K Egg Harbor Rd.
      • Sewell, NJ 08080
      • 609-5894200
      •  (  is listed on their site as:"Mibolerone 100ug/ml 55ml Sol"


  • Cheque drops are 'mibolerone', an androgen.
  • The androgen blocks LH release, therefore preventing estrus.
  • It is advised not to give before first heat because it will cause premature physeal closure.
  • You must start treatment at least 30 days before the next anticipated heat.


Dose schedule

Mibolerone Dosages














  • It has been approved for a maximum of 24 months, but it has been given as long as 43 months experimentally without causing problems.
  • The next heat will be in 7 - 200 days (i.e. unpredictable) and will be of lowered fertility.
  • If pregnancy does occur, any female pups will be masculinized.
  • May cause clitoral hypertrophy (tail lighters).
  • Fertility reported as normal on first estrus.
  • It is not for breeding bitches


  • Testosterone is routinely used in greyhound kennels to prevent estrus.
  • Procurement is more difficult now due to abuse by athletes.


  • Oral - Methyl testosterone- 5 mg/wk (or give the dose, 2X/wk)
  • Parenteral - Testosterone propionate - 100mg/ml preparation, 25 mg IM (in the pectorals) every 2 wks
  • May take several months to have an estrous cycle.

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