FSH and LH

LH and FSH
  • Gonadotrophins (they affect the gonads).
  • Released from same cells in anterior pituitary (may even be in the same granules within the cell).
  • Glycoproteins (carbohydrate and protein). This means they are antigenic and will degrade.
  • Structure: 2 subunits * Alpha - same within species i.e. LH, FSH, TSH have same alpha unit within a species. * Beta - same between species i.e. LH in all species have same beta unit.
  • Mechanism of action: *Bind cell membrane and cause cAMP production, *causes phosphorylation in cell. *a fast action results.

contributed by Bruce E Eilts on 21June-2000
assisted by
Eric Huey

contributed by Bruce E Eilts on 25 September 2012


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