Canine Case to Ponder

A Canine Case to Ponder (learner objectives)

A client comes to with a 2.5 year old Beagle bitch. They want to breed the bitch, but know nothing about dogs. They have several questions such as: When will the dog come into heat?, What does heat look like?, How long is heat? When is the best time to breed? What if they want to delay the onset of heat to schedule a litter? Can they induce heat to schedule a litter? What if she gets bred by another dog and they do not want the litter? How do I know if she is pregnant? How do I know the pregnancy is normal? How long is gestation and when will she whelp? What happens when she whelps? How do I know if she needs help? What if she is not pregnant? What if she loses the litter? By the way, the male is 1000 miles away and the stud fee is $500.

Ponder this case as you go through the material.  We will discuss any matters in class. Ask questions in class or send an email to Dr. Eilts.



contributed by Bruce E Eilts on 20-August 2004 

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contributed by Bruce E Eilts on 25 September 2012


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