Course Overview


  • This is the eleventh year that the course will be taught as VMED 5361.
    • You will be examined on all species.
  • The lab will be by species interest. If you do not pass the lab (miss a lab or in some manner do not participate) your grade will be reduced by at least one letter grade. 
  • The notes will be presented as a web-based portion of the course. Printed notes will be provided. Remember, the notes are printed from the web page. The web page is meant to be viewed on a color computer screen, so if the notes are not of high enough quality for you, you can print them yourself, however some cropping may occur.  If you wish to print out notes or pictures, please feel to do so by clicking on the print button or the FILE - PRINT PREVIEW menu. They are much better quality than we have gotten from the print shop. You may also save the text files to a disk by highlighting all the material and saving to a portable drive.  The only text that is required is "Pathways to Pregnancy and Parturition", the others will be supplementary to the web.
  • The web-based portion of the course will contain pictures, graphics, sound files, videos, and links to other interesting sites (or other Veterinary School's notes).   It is not meant that you must visit and read every one of these linked sites. Some are for interest only, and some are to present material in different manners for those who wish to learn differently.
  • If you see a web link that you feel would be of interest to everyone, please contact the instructor. If we feel it is appropriate, we can then include it as a link in the notes.

We've come a long way, haven't we?  


Try some things:

Click the BACK BUTTON on your Browser

to go back one page after you visit another site.

Try a link to the LSU SVM Homepage by clicking on the LSU SVM Photo.

See a movie click on the Camera Icon.

Click on the movie icon, then right click on the movie or

"Open It" and "OK" to see a short video.



When you see the following icon:

Click on it to get a "Cliff Notes" mini-lecture on the topic on the screen.

Give it a try. If your sound player is ideal, the controls will appear and you will also be able to view the screen.


Please keep in constant contact with the course and the instructors to make this an effective and fun learning experience.



Have FUN and LEARN !


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