The Society for Theriogenology,
The American College of Theriogenologists

What is Theriogenology?

Theriogenology is that branch of veterinary medicine which deals with reproduction, including the physiology and pathology of male and female reproductive systems and the clinical practice of veterinary obstetrics, gynecology, and semenology.

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Society for Theriogenology
Open for membership to any veterinarian interested in animal reproduction.
Objective Statement of the Society for Theriogenology

1. To standardize the criteria to be used by veterinarians in examination and
evaluation of animals for potential breeding soundness.

2. To assemble the various tests, examinations, analyses, assays and
measurements of breeding soundness from the literature, and from bonafide
unbiased records accumulated from other sources.

3. To make available to its members from time to time, the information
accumulated through the medium of written, or oral, instructions, or both.

4. To promote the practice of examining animals for breeding soundness by
qualified veterinarians familiar with the criteria set forth by this Society.

Student Chapter

A student chapter of the SFT at
Louisiana State University is currently active.



Swine lab - Spring 2008 - Boar Collection


Swine lab - Spring 2008 - Sow Artificial Insemination

Swine lab - Spring 2008 - Sow Artificial Insemination







Open House -











SFT Awards


Proficiency in Theriogenology Award


The “Proficiency in Theriogenology Award”, sponsored by the Society for Theriogenology, is a student award to be given annually to one senior at each veterinary school/college in the United States and Canada.

This award will be presented in the form of a plaque to each of the winning students. The faculty at each school/college will be involved in the selection of a graduating student and will make the presentation on an appropriate day such as Senior Awards Day.  

Proficiency in Theriogenology Award

 -          Sponsored by Society for Theriogenology

-          Senior award available to all Veterinary Schools/Colleges in the U.S. and Canada

-          Faculty (ACT diplomats &/or other faculty involved in teaching theriogenology) at each school would select a graduating student.

-          The SFT office would be notified by the appropriate deadline (please see attachment) with the name & school.

-          The SFT office would be responsible for plaque & shipment to school.

-          The award (plaque) would be presented on Senior Awards Day.

 Criteria for award selection

-          Senior student deemed to have illustrated proficiency in clinical theriogenology

-          Areas that could be considered as criteria

1.      Grades or evaluations in clinical rotation and/or theriogenology electives

2.      Grades or evaluations from didactic theriogenology course or electives.

3.      Practitioner evaluations that relate competence in theriogenology while on externships

4.      Participation in Student SFT organization and membership in the SFT

5.      Participation in theriogenology based research project

6.      Participation on palpation team

7.      Presentation delivered at SFT meeting





American College of Theriogenologists
The members of the college have all undergone extensive training in Theriogenology and have passed an examination to become diplomates.

Visit the American College of Theriogenologists Home Page by clicking on the ACT logo.

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