Labs will be different than in the past. You will get a hard copy of your individual lab schedule, and it will be available on the web. There will be no lab groups as such, so pay careful attention to your schedule. The labs will only be one hour in length, so please be prompt (this is also your 'Get out of jail' card to inform instructors if they show up late!). Some of you may have different labs back to back. If you run a little late, please explain why to the instructor. Since the labs are only an hour long, they will be very busy with no 'boring' time waiting for the lab to end. The labs are designed to present skills and knowledge that you will be able to use the rest of your career. They are not 'fillers' or 'punishment'. Please use them to build upon your future career.

Labs and groups schedule

Canine labs (Small Animal Cytology) 1,2,3 and SA for LA

Stallion and Bull Labs


Obstetric and fetotomy labs

Semen Analysis Lab

Equine Palpation Labs 1,2,3, and 4

Semen Packaging lab

contributed by Bruce E Eilts on 25 September 2012


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