• LH is required to stimulate growth of the oocyte arrested in late prophase of meiosis in the primary follicles.
  • LH attaches to receptors on the mature follicle. It causes ovulation and luteinization of the follicle about 24-48 hrs after its release.
  • May cause ovulation by causing collagenase release that breaks down follicle and then stimulates progesterone release to actually cause ovulation.Glycoproteins (carbohydrate and protein). This means they are antigenic and will degrade.
  • Structure: 2 subunits * Alpha - same within species i.e. LH, FSH, TSH have same alpha unit within a species. * Beta - same between species i.e. LH in all species have same beta unit.
  • Mechanism of action: *Bind cell membrane and cause cAMP production, *causes phosphorylation in cell. *a fast action results.

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